Would Your Family Benefit From At-Home Nursing Services?


If you are currently the one in charge of caring for an aging family member or a relative with a chronic health condition, you may think you've got the situation under control. However, your family could very well benefit from the assistance at-home nursing services could provide. The following reasons might cause you to consider this kind of solution for you and your relative: Your Relative's Challenging Health Issues If your family member is someone with a number of health conditions that need attention, it can be manageable for a while.

13 July 2017

Make Sure Your Parent's Home Health Aide Can Stick to These Rules


You can feel dramatically more secure about the health of your elderly parent who lives independently by hiring a home health aide to visit regularly. By providing in-home care, as well as sharing insights with you, this health professional can extend the length of time that your parent is able to live on his or her own. It can be useful, based on your parent's demeanor, to make some house rules for the parent to follow — and for the home health aide to enforce.

17 November 2016

Caring For An Ailing Spouse: 3 Tips To Help You Cope


Being a caregiver is difficult, but when being a caregiver also coincides with being a spouse, it can become even more challenging. If you're caring for an ailing spouse, below are three coping tips to keep in mind. Plan Time To Just Be a Couple When you're the main caregiver for your spouse, it can sometimes be difficult to come out of caregiver mode and enter spouse mode. That's why planned dates are vital to both you and your spouse's mental health.

27 July 2016

Parent Need Assisted Living? 3 Questions To Ask The Assisted Living Facility


If your parent needs assisted living, it can be a very difficult and stressful time for them, as well as for you. It is important that you choose a facility that they will feel comfortable in, and the way to do this is to ask lots of questions, such as the three questions below. Does the facility offer memory care? If your parent has dementia or Alzheimer's, ask the assisted living facility if they offer memory care.

17 May 2016

Four Things To Consider When Buying A Cane For Someone Else


If you have a loved one who is having trouble walking on their own, consider purchasing a walking cane for them. The cane will allow them to distribute their weight in a way that is most comfortable for them. The following guide walks you through key things to take into consideration when buying a walking cane for someone else. Consider the Handle When purchasing a cane for someone else, it is important to consider how well they will be able to hold the handle of the cane.

3 March 2016

3 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing Supported Living


If you are concerned about your mom or dad's ability to care for themselves, but want to provide them as much independence as possible, supported living is an ideal choice. It is also known as assisted living and it differs from care facilities and long-term nursing homes because the focus is on independence. In comparison, nursing homes and the like will often provide full personal and medical care to individuals who are not able to take care of themselves.

14 December 2015

Home Health Care Workers Are Invaluable


Home health care workers provide a wide range of medical and non-medical care and services for those with physical or mental impairment. They provide services for as little as an hour or two a day to all-day and all-night care. These services range from conscientious monitoring to skilled nursing.   Those Who Can Benefit From Home Health Care New Mothers and Newborns - A new mother and her child may need short-term home health care when first released from the hospital.

15 October 2015