Why Include Pilates As Part Of Your At-Home Care?


You are receiving at-home care while you heal from a recent injury or surgery, and you have a specialist coming to your home to make sure you feel better. Your doctor may recommend physical therapy and certain types of exercise to help you restore your body's muscles and help you gain more mobility. However, not all exercises are very beneficial and some of them can actually make you feel worse in some ways. You can actually overdo it and make your condition worse.

Your doctor can recommend pilates as part of your home healing process. What can pilates do for your health as you undergo at-home therapy? Here is a guide to help you learn more about pilates as a healing regimen rather than a workout routine, as it is often associated with. This way, you can better understand the exercise.

You can get more out of your body without straining it

Pilates is similar to yoga, but can be more active in its movements. This type of exercise is still low impact, so if you've had a knee surgery, back surgery, or if you have physical limitations due to a medical problem or a physical injury, you can find relief by getting active without overdoing it. You will want to include pilates as part of your normal exercise and healing routine. Pilates should only be done as recommended by your doctor or physical therapist, and only under the supervision of a professional.

You can get at-home physical therapy that is different

Pilates doesn't require the use of a lot of equipment, nor does the treatment require leaving the home in order to get exercise. This is great for you if you are bed-bound, cannot leave your house yet, or if you prefer to get your therapies at home where you feel most comfortable while you heal. All you need is a comfortable mat to work out on, similar to what you would use for yoga. Since this therapy is different than yoga, which requires a lot of balance and core strength, and other physical therapies, you can get relief from your pain and get more mobility as you heal by using this treatment at home.

Your doctor can recommend pilates as part of your physical therapy healing process. You can get the most out of your treatments by continuing to pursue pilates even after you have healed completely so your health and body strength continue to improve. Reach out to a company like The Pilates Studio of Beverly Hills to learn more.


23 October 2019

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