Make Sure Your Parent's Home Health Aide Can Stick to These Rules


You can feel dramatically more secure about the health of your elderly parent who lives independently by hiring a home health aide to visit regularly. By providing in-home care, as well as sharing insights with you, this health professional can extend the length of time that your parent is able to live on his or her own. It can be useful, based on your parent's demeanor, to make some house rules for the parent to follow — and for the home health aide to enforce. While it's true that your parent is an adult and may push back a little, some simple rules can often be in his or her best interest. Here are some rules to think about.

Be out of Bed by a Certain Time

You don't want your elderly parent spending all day in bed. Lying down for too long may make him or her stiff and sore, and, in extreme cases, there may be an issue with bedsores. An important rule to put into place is for your parent to be out of bed by a certain time each morning. The home health aide may arrive before this time; this will give the aide a chance to assist your parent with getting up, getting bathed, and getting dressed. The time is up to you and can partly depend on the aide's schedule.

Limit the Amount of TV That Is Watched

It's easy for someone who lives alone to spend all day in front of the TV. Doing so, however, can be detrimental. Prolonged periods of TV watching can cause your parent to gain weight, which can then lead to knee pain and other weight-related complications. Set a reasonable time limit, such as one hour, and ask your parent to respect this guideline. The home health aide can then work to enforce the rule by suggesting other activities to do with your parent.

Go on One Outing Per Day

Getting out of the house can be hugely advantageous for the elderly — and, with the home health aide present, you won't have to worry about your parent falling or getting lost. A rule of having one outing per day is useful. It can be something simple, such as taking a walk around the block or going to a nearby park. Or, it could be something such as going to the supermarket or going to visit friends. Whatever the case, the home health aide can drive your parent and provide the necessary care along the way.


17 November 2016

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